Saturday, July 4, 2015

The Sifting Process

I would rather tell all my secrets and daily problems to a screen that doesn't fight with me on the way I deliver my message than to have one person I have to talk to in real life. People are so fickle... especially those that are close to you. One second, they are screaming from the rooftops about how great they think you are.... the next second, when they don't get their way, they're sitting in the next room gossiping about how terrible you are.
Life has a way of sifting out the ones that don't belong there.
No Worries
Ray ❤

Saturday, June 27, 2015

All Because of a Shower

I let a homeless man take a shower in my house today. I was trying to be nice but, for my family, they did not see it that way. I had a loaded gun on the table for a "backup" plan. This person also went to high school with both of my brothers... my brother had told him to come back later when he was here and he would let him shower. My brother then went to Target and bought him new clothes for this evening. When the homeless man got to our house, my brother was just leaving the movies. So, I found the guy a towel, started the shower, made sure the gun was loaded and accessible, and let him in to the bathroom. I didn't think it was a big deal... I mean, I had a loaded gun on the table.
They did not feel that way. They felt I put everyone in danger and then some rough patches in my life were brought up.
How did it end? In anger, we all decided to move out from the same house. So, tomorrow I will be packing.
All because I let a homeless man take a shower.
Oh... by the way... he took a shower, thanked us profusely and left. No harm... no foul...
No Worries

PS.... do I know there was some risk involved? Of course... but I also trusted that my God and/or my gun could keep us safe.... while trying to help a fellow human being out.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Let's Act Like It

Today the United States Supreme Court ruled that same-sex marriage is now legal and should be recognized in every state of the United States. As a Christian, I believe a certain way and that would ultimately go against legalizing same-sex marriage BUT.... my job as a Christian is not to inflict pain on others because we feel and believe differently. My job is to show love to every person around me. My job is to pray for my enemies... and my enemies are not gay people. They are usually Christians that are rude and nasty to people just because they think they are better somehow.  I love people... I don't take personal issue with whom they decide to sleep with. I think that if we could leave the judgments to the judge (God)... we would all be in a better place with one another.

What I DO take a HUGE stand on is racism. I am not talking about the little jokes here and there from people that you hear from time to time.... I am talking about the people that are standing on stages in public calling for the killing of someone just because of the color of their skin. I do not hold deep beliefs for my race. I hold deep beliefs for human beings. I wish it were different.... but it just isn't. 

God made us all.... we all sin... we all need Jesus... let's act like it.
No Worries

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Win with the Truth

The person that had been irritating me by spreading defaming and slanderous lies is at it again. I wonder if he thinks that he is above the law just because he is a law enforcement officer...?

Either way, I will have my day in court. As soon as I can, I will file every motion I can to have him removed from my life on a permanent basis. I cannot make him stop dragging my name falsely through the mud... but I CAN make him pay for it. As a law enforcement officer, he knows that making false statements and filing false reports is a crime. In Florida, it is actually a third-degree felony. I suppose that even though he is trained to know the law, it did not stop him from breaking it. I was cleared of EVERY SINGLE accusation that he spewed at me... unfortunately, he will not have the same outcome. I don't have to lie to get the court to decide in my favor... quite the contrary... I just have to tell the truth.

No Worries
Ray ❤

Monday, June 15, 2015

Get The Hammer

There are some people that drive me crazy. They don't drive me crazy because of their personality or the "way" about them. They aggravate me because they are literally pathological in their lies. You tried to nail me to a wall? Well, I got a hammer too... but with truth.

There is a certain "man" that fabricates stories to fit his agenda. He gets a small  (tiny) portion of truth and then adds a ton of twists and turns to give himself the opportunity to be seen as a victim. He refuses to take responsibility for anything he's ever done and then he lies to make things appear differently.

The worst part is he is an officer of the law. This officer also called Child Protective Services on me. (It is called DCF in Florida...) It was very embarrassing for everyone involved but thankfully, it was all lies so the case is already closed.
Next up? I will try to prosecute him to the full extent of the law. I will not be bullied by a "normal" individual... forget being bullied by someone that is intentionally slandering and defaming my name and character.

God... I pray that You help me to forgive... because right now, I don't feel like it.
No Worries
Ray ❤

PS... This guy has NOTHING to do with my daughter OR me... he's just someone that thinks if he pushes hard enough that I will bend. Sorry sucker... in this situation, I'll be an Olympic acrobat! Let's see what I can do WITH THE TRUTH! I don't even need lies.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

My Way

There are things that we will never understand. Life has a way of kicking you in the teeth... even when you're down already.

I know people think that 4 months is just long enough for everyone to think I should already be over my dad's death... but, in my experience, that is just not the case. I'm not saying that I haven't adjusted to the pain... but I AM saying that the pain doesn't lessen... I just adapt to it.

Some have called it pathetic... but either way, it's my way of grieving... not theirs. They still have their dad.

No Worries

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Be Enouraged

We are almost to the 4 month mark of my dad's death. Between the deep heartbreak and grief from that and the other emotional and financial stresses... 2015 has been a rough ride for me.

Having said that, I will continue to trust God. It is not always an easy task but it is paramount to my survival.

If someone out there is reading this and is going through something so hard, remember this.... trust God. It may seem impossible or fruitless but I promise that it works and will help when nothing else will.

Be enouraged.
No Worries