Friday, July 29, 2011

Arrogant People

I hate arrogance. When someone is full of themselves, I cringe. It is something that I truly cannot stand. So imagine my surprise when I figured out that I was the chief of the arrogant tribe! I shook my fleshly fist at an Almighty God. He didn't do what I would have done. I would have zapped me with a lightning bolt. I wouldn't be here if I was God. So, my question to myself was this... "Why am I trying to ACT like God?"
For those that read this, please understand that I never meant to act like this. I just became self-justified in my emotions. When you let your emotions rule what you say and how you act, you will eventually become an arrogant person.
I have found that I can not throw a little Jesus on my dysfunction and call it radical Christianity. I want to BE ok.. not just look ok.
So, on my old journey with new vision... bare with me... I am working hard to make HIM happy.
No Worries