Thursday, July 25, 2013

George, Trayvon, and Jay Z?

George and Trayvon.... I have heard both sides of the story. I watched some of the trial. I read MOST of the transcripts. I heard many of the interviews... pre, mid, and post trial. I have come to my own conclusions about the entire thing but I am not writing about the verdict. I am writing about the celebrities that are boycotting Florida because of it.

Though the media is reporting about it in length... WE DON'T CARE! I have never been to a Jay Z concert and I didn't plan on ever going to one. Jay Z has been charged with illegal gun possession and now he is the authority on what gun laws should be repealed? Hey Jay.... YOUR ALBUMS SHOULD BE REPEALED! N*gga this.... N*gga that.... and you say that Florida is bad for the county as a whole? YOU, sir, are most definitely not the picture of MLK. You are more a picture of who stands on the corner on MLK Blvd. peddling drugs to their own community members. 

Stand Your Ground was not even used in the case as a defense.... so why boycott something that wasn't even invoked? You and the rest of the "artists" are doing what you do best... whoring out the people that you claim to love because they are your fans. 

How's that for the school of the hard knocks? Disgusting.

No Worries

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Move On

I don't hate anyone. There have been people in my life that have done me wrong but I forgive and move on. There is one person that creeps under my skin though... He irritates my better sensibilities. I do not want to cause him any bodily harm but he treats one of my family member's with blatant disrespect and I get FURIOUS. I can imagine my face at this exact moment. Have you ever watched the cartoons where the character's face gets all red and smoke shoots out of their ears? If you can picture that, then you can picture me right now. 

How can someone be so ridiculous? How can someone say that they love someone yet disregard the feelings of the very person that they CLAIM to love? I have learned in life that words are easy to trust (because it is usually what you WANT to believe) but hard to rely on... and actions are hard to trust (because the truth is right in front of your face) but the MOST reliable. 

I will continue to say prayers for this person... but I will also ask God to remove Him from my life, but most importantly, from the life of my family member. 

Say one thing... do another? "A double-minded man is unstable in ALL his ways."

No Worries