Monday, June 10, 2013

Children.... Ugh

I only have one child. She is the most amazing individual ever.... well, at least she was. She is now 11 going on 35. She acts like she knows everything, she LIES about the DUMBEST things, and she is RUDE to me. I have tried all kinds of punishments... and it seems to work for a couple weeks and then she goes right back to being a.... PRE TEEN! AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I don't know where the time has went. I remember when this little cute child wanted nothing more than for mommy to sit and talk with her, play games, and watch Finding Nemo. I love her.... that is why I am at such a loss. Parenting is not something for the faint of heart.... and, in my case, single parenting is NOT a walk in the park.

No Worries