Saturday, August 6, 2011

If I Was As Mean As You

I have been thinking... and when I do that, I start writing. I have gotten so much bad feedback... I think I am just going to go ahead and quit living for God. I am going to go back to doing drugs, drinking ridiculous amounts of alcohol, sleeping with random people, and just all around being an ignorant person. Whatcha think?
After writing that, I wonder if that is what people WANT me to do. The only part of that paragraph that is true is that I am getting TONS of negative feedback. I think of it this way... If you don't like it... then don't like it. I don't go onto people's Facebook and post things I don't like about their lifestyle... What do you think would happen if I left a couple messages like this.....

"Stop being a fake person... tell the world you have had an STD since high school!!"

"I don't think that your mom would be proud of you for giving yourself away for that crack!"

"You are mean to people because you can't deal with that fact that your husband left you for another man!"

See how rude that would be?? But, I can say this one thing... I did have a good time writing this one. I should start thinking more often!! I am not sorry that I gave my life to Christ. I am not sorry that I have a past. I am not sorry that I refuse to conform back to an everyday chaos. The only thing I AM sorry for is that it took me this long to figure out that in order to get myself together... was to become undone in the presence of my King.

No Worries

P.S. No hate mail please... I didn't say your name publicly... ;)