Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Win with the Truth

The person that had been irritating me by spreading defaming and slanderous lies is at it again. I wonder if he thinks that he is above the law just because he is a law enforcement officer...?

Either way, I will have my day in court. As soon as I can, I will file every motion I can to have him removed from my life on a permanent basis. I cannot make him stop dragging my name falsely through the mud... but I CAN make him pay for it. As a law enforcement officer, he knows that making false statements and filing false reports is a crime. In Florida, it is actually a third-degree felony. I suppose that even though he is trained to know the law, it did not stop him from breaking it. I was cleared of EVERY SINGLE accusation that he spewed at me... unfortunately, he will not have the same outcome. I don't have to lie to get the court to decide in my favor... quite the contrary... I just have to tell the truth.

No Worries
Ray ❤

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