Saturday, June 27, 2015

All Because of a Shower

I let a homeless man take a shower in my house today. I was trying to be nice but, for my family, they did not see it that way. I had a loaded gun on the table for a "backup" plan. This person also went to high school with both of my brothers... my brother had told him to come back later when he was here and he would let him shower. My brother then went to Target and bought him new clothes for this evening. When the homeless man got to our house, my brother was just leaving the movies. So, I found the guy a towel, started the shower, made sure the gun was loaded and accessible, and let him in to the bathroom. I didn't think it was a big deal... I mean, I had a loaded gun on the table.
They did not feel that way. They felt I put everyone in danger and then some rough patches in my life were brought up.
How did it end? In anger, we all decided to move out from the same house. So, tomorrow I will be packing.
All because I let a homeless man take a shower.
Oh... by the way... he took a shower, thanked us profusely and left. No harm... no foul...
No Worries

PS.... do I know there was some risk involved? Of course... but I also trusted that my God and/or my gun could keep us safe.... while trying to help a fellow human being out.

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